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Nica Sol
Solar Battery
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NICA Sol Ni-Cd batteries are purpose designed to provide the ideal energy storage solution for RES (Renewable Energy Systems) such as PV (photovoltaic) and wind power applications.


  • photovoltaic energy systems
  • solar & wind hybrid systems
  • navigation aids, signalling , offshore and remote lighthouses, beacons and buoys


NICA Sol offers a number of advantages beyond the limits of conventional batteries:

  • operation in extreme temperatures: -20 °C to +50 °C (but can tolerate extremes of temperatures of -50 °C to +70 °C)
  • long life-cycle
  • charge efficiency: performs at any charge of charge
  • cycling: achieves 8 000 cycles at 15% depth of discharge
  • low maintenance: more than 4 years without topping-up – specifically rated for discharge times from hours to days

Capacity Range

  • 45 Ah to 1110 Ah

Pocket Plate Technology

Pocket plate: the positive and negative electrodes consist of perforated steel pockets. Nica Sol construction is designed specially for photovoltaic applications.

Efficient Gas Combination