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Railway Battery
H14 E
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The NICA H14E Railway Battery steel pocket plate single Ni-Cd cells are designed to provide emergency back-up power and engine starting power in rail applications.


  • Diesel engine starting
    • passenger coaches
    • EMUs (Electric Multiple Units)
    • DMUS (Diesel Multiple Units)


NBH Ni-Cd batteries offer peace of mind and a low overall cost thanks to the following features:

  • outstanding resistance to electrical and mechanical abuse*
  • trouble-free long service life of 20 years or more
  • excellent charge retention
  • remains operational after prolonged storage
  • operation over a wide temperature range

Capacity Range

  • 32 Ah up to 320 Ah

Pocket Plate Technology

Pocket plates: the positive and negative electrodes consist of rectangular perforated steel pockets.

Efficient Gas Combination

Single cells comply with IEC 60623.