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Technical Data

NICA Nickel Cadmium Battery is the most reliable source for standby power backup today. The Nickel Cadmium battery is designed and manufactured for a wide variety of harsh environments at wide temperature range, resistance to electrical and mechanical abuses and recyclable.

The Battery works by an electrochemical reaction between a Nickel positive plate and a Cadmium negative plate, immersed in a liquid alkaline electrolyte (potassium hydroxide). This reaction produces a nominal voltage and by connecting these cells together in series to form a battery system.

An electrolyte solution of potassium hydroxide and a small amount of lithium hydroxide acts only as an ion transfer medium, delivering optimum performance without causing base material degradation.

Good reserve and circulation of the electrolyte are achieved by a wide inter-plate space. Injection moulded plastic grids separate both plates and insulate plate edges.

The nickel plated steel bar terminal pillars are wedged to the plate bus bars and are internally threaded for bolting on connectors. The integrity of the viscoelastic seal between the cover and the terminal will ensure total containment throughout the life of the battery.

The high impact translucent polypropylene container cells are welded together by heat sealing to form a rigid block type and it is resistible to corrosion in wet and saline conditions, easy to assemble and allow full visibility of the electrolyte level, hence facilitating maintenance in operational applications. Dimensions vary in relation to plate size or plates modules.

Battery Design Feature

  • Fully welded internal construction of steel components.
  • Strong welded polypropylene containers as standard.
  • Flame retardant (UL94VO) welded containers, optional
  • Flip-top flame arresting vents as standard (UL recognised)
  • Operations over a wide range of temperatures -40 degree to +60 degree
  • Life in excess of 25 years in many applications
  • Resistance to high temperature ageing

Services Support

NICA has a network of specially trained service and support engineers, who are always available to help identify customer’s precise needs and ensure the most cost-effective choice of battery for various applications.