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Friday, 12 July, 2024 13:04:01
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Nicad Power’s expertise was built based on 25 years’ of experience in the power industry. In addition to our industrial knowledge, Nicad Power represents the world leading manufacturer of industrial nickel cadmium NICA brand battery. The product is backed by more than 100 years of research and production commitment.

NICA batteries provide one of the most reliable power back-up systems in the world. The battery has robust construction with an all welded pocket plate design, outstanding resistance to electrical and mechanical abuse and also withstand wide temperature fluctuation in stationary cycling over its 20 years operating life. These have been extensively proven in the field of over 70 countries around the world.

Today we are committed to offer total power back-up solutions to our customers for most of the industrial applications. Our dedicated team of commercial and technical engineers will provide the technical assistance from the initial design stage up to the final phase of the project backed by their extensive field experience gained over many years. Their customer-oriented approach will also ensure that only cost-effective solutions are proposed for our customers.


Our company’s philosophy is to achieve and maintain high quality products for our customers at all times. To do so, a continuous stringent inspection of the quality and performance of our products must be carried out before each delivery to the customer’s site.

In addition , we aim to work closely with our customers – to understand and fulfil their needs as well as providing excellent after sale service support and preventive maintenance throughout the complete life cycle of every installed product.